Sunday, May 26, 2013

snapshots of a year

For as long as I can remember writing I have always kept some sort of journal or diary.  In elementary school I had a Lion King journal with a heart shaped lock; now I write in much more austere black and white composition notebooks, anything that can be procured cheaply or re-purposed.
I journeyed from Wichita, Kansas and back to Seattle in a whirlwind wedding weekend.  In the hours lingering between layovers, I found myself writing and reading passages I wrote the last ten months.  Here are some thoughts over the course of an-almost-year.

Omnis cellula e cellula.
All cells come from cells.
Life begets life.

Of teacher, English

no more brain
room        no room--
     nothing           more                                     stop.
stop feeling --                    feeling?
NO time; NO words
NO language; NO first
two                        too         to   many papers
white winged birds
shit on your desk
try to clean it up-
eleven hour days…
debate the industrial revolution & wage

It’s always ironic.